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Colorado Bill Would Establish School Bus Safety Pilot Program

Sen. Don Coram introduced SB20-052, also known as “The Smart School Bus Safety Pilot Program,” on Jan. 8. The bill would create a program, overseen by the state Department of Public Safety and a program administrator, to increase school bus safety and security for students by implementing a new pilot program.

Under the program, the bill states that the Department of Public Safety would award three-year grants to participating school districts for radio equipment and silent alarms, as well as funding for training, installation, and maintenance costs for the equipment.

SB20-052 is currently scheduled for a hearing with the Senate Finance committee on Feb. 11, according to the General Assembly’s website. The bill is reportedly part of a larger effort to increase safety in Colorado's schools, with the state spending $75 million over the past two years, according to CBS4.

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