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Jim Dale Committee

Jim Dale Committee

This committee reviews the requests for grants from the membership for Special Projects and Professional Development opportunities. The three members set the guidelines for Jim Dale Fund activities and processes which are presented to the Executive Board and General Membership for approval.

Jim Dale Scholarship Grant Application is now available for all current members!

Jim Dale Scholarship Grant Application

About the Jim Dale Fund

The Jim Dale Fund was created in memory of Jim Dale, former Director of Transportation for the Durango 9-R School District in Colorado. Jim was intensely involved in the pupil transportation industry both on a state and national level and was a staunch advocate in striving to provide the safest pupil transportation possible for students. His primary goals were to maintain a high level of quality in the equipment utilized, comprehensive training of transportation personnel and the careful management of transportation operations. In an effort to carry on Jim’s vision for student transportation, a portion of CSPTA annual membership dues is set aside to provide sustaining monies for the Jim Dale Fund. This fund is intended to provide a financial resource for persons who wish to engage in projects or activities to improve transportation, but whose efforts may be hampered by a lack of financial resources. Individuals may request financial assistance from the fund for activities such as improving job skills related to pupil transportation, employee training exercises, or student safety education, to name a few. Regardless of the nature of the request, the focus must be on improving the quality of transportation for our students.

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