Fleet Service Committe

16 Oct 2019
9:00am - 2:00am MDT




CSPTA Fleet Service Committee


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Harrison School District

3555 Drennan Road

Colorado Springs, 80910


PRESENT:  Brent Meyer, Adams 12; Steve Thoms, Estes Park; Ronalle Rooks, Douglas County; Frank Del Real and Rob Draper, Littleton Public Schools; Kyle Miller and Kyle Jackson, Harrison School District; Dennis Frerichs, Thompson Schools; Dan Lammers, Westminster Schools; Gary Wilson, Widefield Schools; Aaron Wilmoth, Fountain/Ft. Carson; Joel Silver and Brian Vasina, Academy 20; Daniel Rios, St. Vrain Schools; and Gayle Patterson, Cherry Creek.


Meeting called to order at 9:09am


Thank you Ronnalle, for setting up the conference call.

All future meetings will be conference calls for those who cannot attend in person.


Brian suggested to post meetings with conference calls, on the website with date, time and phone login info and posted at least 2 weeks prior to each meeting.


Discussion on committee members having access to CSPTA website to edit “Tech Committee” page.  Committee Chairs should have access to the Tech Committee page. 


Discussion on agenda

  1. Vote on co-chairs (Ronnalle and Gayle with be this year’s co-chairs)
  2. Adding vendor technicians to the roster. Discussion to allow vendor technicians to be a part of this committee.  Their the organization will have to be CSPTA members.  Vendor technicians will be able to participate at Tech contest.
  3. Establish committee chairs
  1. Summit classes – Dennis Frerichs made a motion that Brian Vasina and Rob Draper co-chair the speaker committee.  Second by Dan Lammers.
  2. Tech contest – Daniel Rios and Kyle Miller volunteered to chair the Tech Contest.  Joel Silver volunteered to proctor the written test.

Daniel and Kyle will establish prizes.

  1. Car Show – Frank Del Real volunteered to chair the car show.

Fleet Service Committee Minutes


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  1. Door Prizes – Darron Pearlmutter.  We will contact Darron to get him onboard.
  2. Each committee will report at each meeting.
  1. Determine fundraisers – Welding class at Adams 12 will not be held this year as Adams is building a new facility and will be moving in at the end of the school year.  Suggestions were made to find another facility.  Joel will check with Kilroy’s Workshop and report at the next meeting.  It was suggested to host an electrical class, basics to advanced.  Rob would be willing to teach a small class (5-8).
  2. ASE test writing. This committee needs to remain a strong force on the ASE re-write committees.


Discussion - Tech Contest returning to one day.  It will eliminate attendees booking an extra night and trying to fill Monday with classes for the contest.  Late registrations will be accepted!




Discussion on Tech Committee having a representative on the E-Board - Greg Sabell attended the last meeting and will continue attending.


An agenda template will be established to ease meeting planning.  It was also discussed on whether or not to use Google Docs.  Most districts in the committee do not use it.


Brian said that the Pikes Peak Region will be hosting a road-e-o and tech contest sometime in the spring.  Date and location to be announced.




Rick Hill, Aftermarket Sales, and Richard Jeanblanc, Branch Manager from Rush Truck Centers in Colorado Springs provided our vendor presentation and lunch.  Rick handed out Rush’s line cards and talked about the school bus-related parts they stock.  They also provide a Mobile service.  Shop repairs are a maximum of 2 hours the vehicle will be diagnosed and the customer will be notified of repairs and cost.  Rush is not CDE certified, yet!




Ronnalle reported if anyone from our committee is going to America’s Best in December, contact CSPTA for assistance in travel expenses.  Two members from this committee are eligible to apply for the Jim Dale fund.  You must cover your expenses and the Jim Dale Fund will reimburse.



No old business

Fleet Service Committee Minutes


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Ronnalle’s new phone number is 360-949-2268. 


Meeting adjourned at 12:46


Respectfully submitted:

Gayle Patterson



Committee contacts



Ronnalle Rooks – rjrooks@dcsdk12.org

Gayle Patterson – dpatterson6@cherrycreekschools.org


Brian Vasina - brian.vasina@asd20.org

Rob Draper - rdraper@lps.k12.co.us

Daniel Rios - rios_daniel@svvsd.org

Kyle Miller - kdmiller@hsd2.org

Joel Silver joel.silver@asd20.org

Frank Del Real – fdelreal@lps.k12.co.us

















16 Oct 2019
9:00am - 2:00am MDT

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