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2024 CSPTA Transportation Summit

10 Jun 2024 @ 6:00am MDT
12 Jun 2024 @ 5:00pm MDT

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Event Details

The Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association (CSPTA) is excited to announce the annual summer workshop being held this year at Delta by Marriott Thornton, CO. It will be another jam-packed week of learning and networking. 

Message from the Board
I want to welcome you to our 2024 CSPTA  Transportation Summit. We are excited to be hosing the event at a new venue. The new look and feel of the hotel is amazing. CSPTA has always existed to provide support for all school districts, and this venue will be an opportunity to see new faces and provide access to other districts. Our organization has worked hard this year to put classes and events together for you. We will have multiple keynote speakers all focused around out theme "Managing Through Change". On behalf of the CSPTA board and Committees, we look forward to seeing you all there.

Kim DeHaven
CSPTA President  


  • If you register for an All-Day Session, please don't register for an individual AM/PM course on those days.
  • Pick your classes or your employee classes carefully as we are NOT making any class changes,  we need exact and accurate class sizes


  • NOTE: As of June 1, we will not be able to refund any fees, and they will not be transferred to another individual. All refunds will have a $25 Processing fee deducted. 

Please send payments to:

Douglas County School District


17801 Plaza Dr., 

Parker, CO 80134


This Years Daily Schedule

June 10, 2024

Keynote Speaker 

  • Rod Smith 


Breakout Sessions: 10-12

  • Tech Roundtable

  • Nicole Portee- Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

  • Betsey Helfrich- Legal Hot Topics in the World of School Transportation

  • Gray Ram Tactical- Indicators of Violence   


Breakout Sessions: 1-3

  • Nicole Portee- Wildly Important Goals 

  • Betsey Helfrich-FERPA

  • Gray Ram Tactical- De-Escalation Techniques 

  • Webasto


Breakout Sessions: 3-5

  • Nicole Portee-Bus Driver Break Check

  • Chris Lopez -Radio 101 Managing Dispatch 

  • Gray Ram Tactical- How to Be a Better Driver, Monitor and Professional

  • Webasto


4 Hour Sessions 1-5 PM : 

  • CDE Annual Inspector

  • Electrical Troubleshooting


All Day Sessions 8-5 : 

  • CDE- New Supervisor Training


Evening Event 5-7:30: 

  • Welcome Event 


June 11, 2024

Keynote Speaker 

  • Andy Masters 


Breakout Sessions: 10-12

  • Alex Robinson- Are you Managing Leaders or Leading Managers

  • AMF Bootcamp/BESI Securement  Part 1

  • Hop Skip Drive - Managing through change with alternative Transportation

  • Rosalyn Vann-Johnson- Driver Retention and Hiring 


Breakout Sessions: 1-3

  • Alex Robinson- Leadership Karaoke

  • AMF Bootcamp/ BESI Securement Part 2

  • Andy Masters- Embracing Your Work-Life “Mix” With HIGHER Quality and LESS Stress


Breakout Sessions: 3-5

  • School Bus Logistics-Managing through routing changes 

  • CDE Q&A  

  • Rosalyn Vann-Johnson- Driving for Success: Student Management for Driver Retention and Student Safety


4 Hour Sessions 8-12 Morning:


  • CDE Hands on Tester  

  • Bendix Brakes  

  • School Bus A/C 


4 Hour Sessions 1-5 PM: 

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Bendix Brakes

  • School Bus A/C


All Day Sessions 8-5: 

  • Blue Bird Bus 

  • IC Bus 


Evening Event 5-7:30: 

  • Vendor Show


June 12, 2024

Morning Speaker 8-10: 

  • TSA-Transportation Security Administration ( Canceled )

  • CDE Transportation Advisory Council 


Breakout Sessions: 10-noon

  • Safe 2 Tell 

  • CDE File Requirements

  • Rosalyn Vann-Johnson- Pupil Transportation 101

  • Brett Brooks Part 1- Active Shooter & Hijacking

  • EPA Clean Bus 


Breakout Sessions: 1-3

  • Safe 2 Tell 

  • Alex Robinson- The Basics: Transporting Students with Disabilities

  • Rosalyn Vann-Johnson- Leadership 101

  • Brett Brooks Part 2-Active Shooter & Hijacking


Breakout Sessions: 3-5

  • Alex Robinson- Student/Behavior Management

  • Brett Brooks- Crash Response 


4 Hour Sessions 8-12 Morning : 

  • Electric Bus Safety 

  • Cummins

  • AC Delco 


4 Hour Sessions 1-5 PM: 

  • Electric Bus Safety

  • Cummins

  • AC Delco 


ALL DAY Sessions 8-5 : 

  • ELDT Modernization

  • Thomas Bus  


Evening Event 5-7:30: 

  • Awards Dinner


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

  • This is a session to understand the vital role that culture plays on your bus and  transportation and even on the bus. How to create a healthy culture and tips to improve things if you have identified that this is an area of opportunity. 


 Wildly Important Goals – Nicole Portee, Adam Johnson

  • This is a session to understand the vital role that culture plays on your bus and  transportation and even on the bus. How to create a healthy culture and tips to improve things if you have identified that this is an area of opportunity. 


EPA Clean School Bus Program

  • With funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the EPA’s Clean School Bus (CSB) Program provides $5 billion over five years (FY 2022-2026) to replace existing school buses with zero-emission and low-emission models. Under the Program's multiple grant and rebate funding opportunities to date, the EPA has awarded around $2 billion to fund approximately 5,000 school bus replacements at over 600 schools. The goal of the program is cleaner air, reduced health risks, reduced greenhouse emissions, cost savings, and overall resiliency. Learn more at


ELDT Instructor Class

Instructor: Debbie Thomas

This is an 8-hour class, which includes classroom instruction and hands-on testing of instruction

skills. There are 2 written tests that instructors must pass with an 80-percent or better to

become certified.

This class is based on the FMCSA ELDT vehicle inspection and skills. These ELDT skills


Straight Line Backing

Offset Left and Right

Conventional (Blindside) and Sight side (Driver side) parallel parking

Alley Dock

One of these skills must be instructed with an 80-percent proficiency rate to pass.

Testing Materials for written tests:

CDL Manual June 2023 (This has the 2005 Skills testing requirements and the 2022

modernization skills and vehicle inspection)

Current Colorado Driver’s Handbook

2023 School Bus, Multifunction and Motor Coach Operator Guide

2020 Model Traffic Code for Colorado

June 14, 2023 Colorado Rules for the Operation, Maintenace, and Inspection of School

Transportation Vehicles 1CCR301-26

CDE 23-24 Transporting Students with Special Needs Guide

Colorado Minimum Standards Governing School Transportation Vehicles 1 CCR 301-25

This class shall also introduce the modernization (2022 CDL testing requirements) piece that

can be introduced after completion of the ELDT prerequisite. The federal government has not

changed the ELDT Program. ELDT MUST be instructed as written by FMCSA standards.

Materials Need:

Pencil and notepad for test and notes

Enclosed shoes for skills testing (Vehicle inspection and Basic Control Skills). Open toe shoes

will not be allowed for testing purposes.



Clothing Cover


RADIO 101 Course Description

You drive a school bus, so you use a two-way radio, chances are you were not given

any training on how to use the two-way radio. In this course, you will learn basic radio


• Communication styles and model

• Communications policies and procedures

• Communication skills for two-way radios

• Rules of good radio communications

• Radio operations and etiquette

• Communication barriers

• Effective listening

• Emergency and non-emergency radio use

• Radio maintenance

• Communications exercise (IF TIME ALLOWS)

This is a classroom-based two-way radio communications course.

Using two-way radios as part of your work requires some special skills and knowledge

to make sure you are communicating effectively.

This course is designed to allow you to get familiar with handheld, mobile, and

stationary two-way radio communication equipment, including classroom, as well as

practical field instruction.



The session will cover the history of Safe2Tell, Safe2Tell messaging for schools, and best practices for responding to reports. We will address common misconceptions about the program and share important data from the annual report.


HopSkipDrive is a technology company that solves complex transportation challenges where there is a heightened need for safety, equity, and care. HopSkipDrive partners with more than 600 school districts, government agencies, and nonprofits. More than three million rides over 46 million miles have been completed through HopSkipDrive since the company was founded in 2014 by three working mothers. I want to go over how we compliment your transportation department by using highly-vetted caregivers on wheels, such as grandparents, babysitters, and nurses.


Legal Hot Topics in the World of School Transportation  : What you Need to Know


In this fast-paced presentation,  education attorney Betsey Helfrich, will review transportation from a legal perspective.  From a review of recent case law to current hot-topics, this presentation will examine the legalities of student transportation.  This presentation will include a focus on transporting special education students as well practical tips that your transportation department needs to know to minimize liability and keep students safe.


FERPA and the Transportation Department: Your Biggest Questions Answered

What can be shared and should be shared with the transportation department? What can be shared with private bus companies and drivers?

What are the legalities surrounding surveillance video footage from school busses and parent access to video footage? These as well as your other biggest questions about FERPA and protecting student information will be answered by school attorney Betsey Helfrich . 



Embracing Your Work-Life “Mix” With HIGHER Quality and LESS Stress

Education administrators have endured tremendous change and great challenges over these past few years. Never before have employees been asked to wear so many hats, and “do more with less”–while balancing both work and life.

Join national Author/Speaker Andy Masters for this timely, interactive, and impactful program which truly helps attendees embrace change in both work and life.  

  • Be a light of positivity and solutions during stressful and turbulent times.

  • Decrease anxiety by focusing only on those things which you can control.

  • Embrace change by turning from “stressed and depressed” to “lucky and blessed”. 

  • Become a master of focus, prioritization, and “strategic procrastination“.

  • Develop a new perspective on what is most important in your life, and career. 

  • Engage Andy’s mantra “either you control your schedule, or your schedule controls you.” 

Andy also illustrates the life-changing “YES/NO” principle to inspire audiences to focus the most quality time possible on the activities which are most important and rewarding for YOU each day.  Andy’s positive and entertaining program provides specific tools you can apply immediately to recharge, refocus, and embrace positive change in both work and life!


Are You Managing Leaders or Leading Managers?"
Managing things and leading people are different, but we need a bit of both for a successful operation.  Explore the 12 laws of leadership, in this interactive and timely real-life presentation


"Leadership Karaoke"
This presentation will help participants find and celebrate, the music within as they take a deep dive into the successes and potential "off-key" notes in our daily transportation world.


"The Basics: Transporting Students with Disabilities"
Whether you're new to transporting students with special needs, or a seasoned operator: this presentation will give you the primer and basics needed to understand the nature, needs and characteristics of students with disabilities


"Student/Behavior Management"
Sometimes our biggest challenges and not the students we transport, but the behavior they exhibit and our reaction to those behaviors.  The most successful rides to/from school are those where the challenges are met by personnel who understand the root cause of that behavior.  This important topic will give tips, tricks and de-escalation techniques that can be used on a daily basis.


The CDE Annual Inspector class

The CDE Annual Inspector class is geared toward current Techs that are looking to become a CDE Certified Annual Inspector, this is not a certification class. The class will cover the basic process of becoming an Annual Inspector as well as the expectations of a CDE Certified Annual Inspector. We will review the materials and resources perspective Inspectors can and will use to prepare for the written test as well as the Hands-on portion of the test. We will also cover the requirements of Annual Inspectors as written in Rule, and the expectations of Inspectors files during STAR reviews. There will be no Certificates issued at this class as participants will still be required to complete the 100 question Annual Inspector Qualification test as well as completing the Hands-On portion of their testing before completing the STU-20 CDE Application for Annual Inspector Qualification or Re-Certification (PDF) and submitting it to CDE. No testing will be performed at this class, it is informational only. 


The CDE Hands-On Tester class

The CDE Hands-On Tester class is a recertification class, it is geared toward current CDE Certified Annual Inspectors that have held the position of Annual Inspector for a minimum of two years in good standing and are taking the step of becoming a CDE Certified Hands-On Tester. It is also setup for current Hands-On Testers who have been unable to complete Two Hands-On Tests in the past Three years to fulfill their requirements for recertification. In this class we will review the requirements and the expectations of becoming a CDE Certified Hands-On Tester, we will introduce materials and practices used by current Hands-On Testers to perform the testing process. There will be no Certificates issued at this class as participants will still be required to fill out the STU-30 CDE Application for Qualification or Re-Certification of Annual Inspector Hands-On Tester (PDF) and submit it to CDE after completion of the class.


Electrical Troubleshooting Strategies

In this class we will cover making and executing a plan for troubleshooting electrical circuits. 

  1. What we need to think about

  2. Information we need to gather

  3. Tools we may need

  4. Wiring schematics, how to read, what to look for

  5. Circuit mapping

  6. Testing points

  7. How to test, what to look for and why



AC Delco Charging System Fundamentals

  • Understanding the Charging System. 

  • System Testing & Tools Overview, 

  • Battery Overview. Alternator, 

  • Application & System Overview, 

  • Cabling Overview, Testing & Replacements, 

  • System Interactions. 

  • Increasing Industry Electrical Loads, 

  • Under Hood Temps, Support.


Blue Bird Service

  • BB Electric bus info

  • New Electrical Architecture

  • 7.3 Gas Engine.


IC Bus Service

  • Navistar technologies how to navigate and use them.  

  • NED DLB NavKal Oncommand Service Information 

  • Aftertreatment DOs and DON'Ts and overview

  • New EV Information


DOT Brake Class Bendix 

  1. Air valves in the brake system

  2. Balance & Threshold testing (testing the brake system valves)

  3. Disk and Drum brake maintenance and operation


School Bus AC Service and Repair

  • The course will cover Installation and component locations, line and hose routing, wiring and electrical diagnosis.



Thomas Bus Service :

Multiplex and Electrical Systems:

             C2 multiplex function and operation

             Multiplex diagnostics

             Analog Electrical Systems

             Thomas Electrical Systems overview

             Customer Web Resources and Training.

                        EV  Bus Updates



  • Overview of the functionality, maintenance and troubleshooting of both the Scholastic Series and TSL17 heating products


Due to pricing at the venue we did not get a block of rooms, there are multiple hotels within walking distance of the venue so please feel free to book at any of them.

Here is a list of a few that are in the area:

La Quinta

345 W 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234


Holiday Inn Express

12030 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80241


Hampton Inn

243 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233


Doubletree by Hilton

83 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233


Courtyard by Marriott

14355 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80023


Candlewood Suites

14362 Lincoln Wy, Thornton, CO 80023


Rod Smith is an American Football Legend. He played 14 years in the NFL and retired with all the records for a non-drafted player. Just like his football career, Mr. Smith had to fight, claw, and scratch his way from the projects in Texarkana, Arkansas to the become a two-time Super Bowl Champion and soon to be in the Hall of Fame. He is a highly sought after spokesman for several fortune 500 companies like the Denver Broncos, FedEx, Visa, Cadillac, Nike, and Intuit to name a few. He earned three college degrees in business. Growing up poor was a very humbling experience for Mr. Smith. As he climbed out of the ghetto to get full scholarships to college, he documented the process along the way. Transitioning out of college to the NFL was no easy feat. But the same dreaming philosophies he used before would help propel him once again. He studied and learned to master these 8 simple, yet powerful philosophies that made him a multiple seven-figure earner. Along the path to success were some trials, some pain, and plenty of disappointments. All the while he crafted a playbook for a lifetime of success. Since his retirement he became an entrepreneur, real estate developer, and business coach. He used his success principles to build a multiple seven-figure real estate portfolio, over $50 million dollars in coffee revenue and has coached multiple families to seven-figure incomes. Understanding how difficult it was to navigate through some of the troubled times, he decided to publish his playbook. Mr. Smith is known throughout the country as one of the hardest workers ever in his field. He will show you how the right playbook can have your success come from smart work, not hard work

Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has written 5 books, earned 4 degrees, and has presented over 1,000+ programs for 100,000+ attendees on Leadership, Service, and Time/Stress/Work-Life balance keynote topics. He has been featured on several major media outlets, including LifeTime Television,PBS,Investor's Business Daily, and Leadership Excellence magazine.Andy achieved Distinguished Graduate honors at Webster University, earning a B.A.-Political Science and an M.A.-Human Resources Development.Andy has received the prestigious"CSP" award/designation of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest international recognition for professional speakers, in which only 10% of over 5,000+ speakers worldwide have

Important information for this years conference:

Due to pricing at the venue we did not get a block of rooms, there are multiple hotels within walking distance of the venue so please feel free to book at any of them.

Here is a list of a few that are in the area:

La Quinta

345 W 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234


Holiday Inn Express

12030 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80241


Hampton Inn

243 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233


Doubletree by Hilton

83 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233


Courtyard by Marriott

14355 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80023


Candlewood Suites

14362 Lincoln Wy, Thornton, CO 80023

This year will not not be providing breakfast or lunch, there are many options within walking distance, or a short drive from the venue.


There will be options for food that are provided each night, as stated in the daily schedule. Class offering:


This year we will be limiting the number of courses offered and only running courses one time, please make sure to register early so that you are able to get all the classes that you are interested in.


We will not be offering paper schedules this year, please make sure to check the email that you use to register two weeks before summit, this is where your schedule will be emailed.


We will also be using the guidebook app this year. The app will allow you to find what room a class is being in, as well as class descriptions ans bios for the instructors. Please keep an eye out for the QR code, we will also have it posted at the venue.

10 Jun 2024 @ 6:00am MDT
12 Jun 2024 @ 5:00pm MDT

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